The story of irony (covit-19 and Pachinko)

In order to prevent the spread of COVIT 19, a game facility called pachinko has become a problem.Pachinko is one of the Japanese casinos.
Pachinko is not only crowded, but often unclean(not only the place but also the people.).


Worse yet, while movie theaters and department stores remain closed, these play facilities continue to operate.
Therefore, people are worried that COVIT 19 will spread from pachinko.
In this reason, Osaka Prefecture decided to announce the names of pachinko that are still open in this situation.

"They should close the shops . If there are some evil pachinko that do business in that situation,we announce their shop's name as " (evil) ABC pachinko" ".


Well, here's one news.The bad one.
Pachinko didn't close the gate. Because, Owners put profit first.
So, "feel guilty" doesn't matter.
The governor of Osaka prefecture must have thought that they were shameless.

Then who went to such a shameless pachinko?
You can't be there, can you?
On that day, there was a line of 300 people at pachinko in Sakai City, Osaka. Even before the store opened.

The announcement of the name of the pachinko by Osaka Prefecture has become a great advertisement for people like them who want to gamble even if they risk their lives.


Because, some pachinko had a little bit of a moral, and they were closed early on.
That's why people had been hard to find pachinko that is operating.

Under such situation, Osaka Prefecture released a list of "pachinko that are still open".


According to the news, a couple who came the pachinko from the neighboring prefecture said as follows.
"I saw the list and came this pachinko."


Demand for pachinko is inelastic, so even though people feel a little guilty , they doesn't stop it.
On the contrary, Osaka Prefecture helped them.


This is exactly what should be listed in the dictionary as an example of "irony"!
Things don't go the way you want.



This news reminded me of one small family affair.
This episode was described in a book by Steven D.Levitt and Steven J. Dubner called "Freakonomics.".

There was an economist's father and daughter.
His daughter didn't like to go to the bathroom and He was in trouble about it.

He came up with a good idea.
Every time his daughter went to the bathroom, he gave her a delicious cookie.

Give a reward.

This is a common practice in every family.

But,the practice didn't work well.
One day,He noticed that his daughter went to the bathroom an unusually many times.
At the same time, he realized that his daughter was free to control how much she would do on the toilet at one time.
Yes, She inherited the sharp mind of her father, who was an excellent economist.

She thought as follows.
If she go to the toilet 1 times, she can get 1 cookies.
so that means, if she go to the bathroom a lot, she'll get lots of cookies.
And,In the toilet, she can divide the number of times she go to the toilet by she can giving a small amount at 1 times.
This maximizes her profit.
Her father's attempt is ended in only 1day.

== Unintended consequences occur often in our lives===

It is not that we lack wisdom, but rather that world is so deeply.

So I think, you shouldn't laugh when you see people falling into this kind of situation.
Then there's another important thing.
Let's stay home for a while.